Active Movement Activity Guides and DVD’s

There are 14 Activity guides for Under Fives which include:
Active Movement: An Introduction
Tummy Time Rolling and Crawling
Walking, Running and Jumping
Balance: Swinging, Spinning and Rocking
Upper Body Development: Climbing, hanging and Swinging
Catching and Throwing and Kicking
Developing Hands and Fingers
Developing Language through Active Movement
Massage and Touch
Using the Environment in Active Movement
Eyes Need to Move Too!
Developing Self-esteem through Active Movement
Songs, Rhymes and Finger Plays
Sun, Safety and Nutrition

The Activity Guides are available in the following languages:
Te Reo Maori
Active Movement Series One and Two DVD’s are also available.

For a complete set of brochures visit the Sport NZ website where you will be able to download individual activity guides.

To celebrate Matariki, here is an activity to build and fly a kite

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