fundamental movement skills

What We Do
SPORT WAITAKERE offers theoretical and practical workshops based around the fundamental movement skills for teachers in the primary school environment. We can also offer an intensive fundamental movement skills programme to your school.

Fundamental Movement Skills Programme for Primary Schools
SPORT WAITAKERE offers an intensive fundamental movement skills programme for primary schools.

This programme consists of a two hour professional development workshop for teachers based around the theory behind why movement is so important. This is supported by weekly role model delivery with the children. Teachers are supported to become actively involved in the delivery. Resources are provided to ensure that teachers can continue the programme.

This programme is free to targeted primary schools. A cost is charged for non targeted primary schools. Please contact

2 hour workshop based in your school

This theoretical workshop will show teachers how movement helps to develop those vital brain connections which are required for higher levels of learning such as reading, writing and maths. Once this link is made it is much easier for teachers to implement activities throughout the day that will assist with learning. The workshop is two hours long and can be followed up with a further practical workshop based on a variety of activities that can be implemented in the school environment.

Cost = $100 per workshop for non-targeted schools.

Full day region wide workshop
A full day of professional development around the fundamental movement skills is available in a region-wide format. This will cover both theoretical and practical components of fundamental movement skills. If you would like a workshop delivered in your area please contact

Cost = $30 per participant

Regional Sports Trust Alliance Fundamental Movement Skills Programme
This programme involves a 2 hour workshop on how to utilise this valuable resource for classes up to Year 4. The resource can be purchased for $40.00. Schools can choose whether or not they have a ‘coach’ deliver this programme in the school at an additional cost. This resource will also be offered to those teachers that attend the region wide workshop.

Pauline Butt
Fundamental Movement Advisor