Greater Auckland Aquatic Action Plan

The Greater Auckland Aquatic Action Plan (GAAAP) is a collaborative project that provides 8-10 FREE swim & survive lessons by a qualified swim instructor to children in decile 1-6 schools in years 3-6. The aim of programme is to increase children’s knowledge and skills in the aquatic environment and thus reducing NZ’s drowning statistics. GAAAP began in 2011 and has now delivered over 500,000 lessons to 60,000 plus school children in the Auckland Region.

GAAAP is funded by ASB Community Trust, WaterSafety NZ and the Regional Sports Trust (Sport Waitakere, Sport Auckland, Harbour Sport and Counties Manukau) Kiwisport Regional Funding. The project is now managed by Aktive Auckland Sport and Recreation with local Regional Coordinators.

In Waitakere 41 schools now take part in the programme utilising a range of pools e.g. council facility, private facility, own school pool or portable pools.

Schools in Waitakere have seen huge progress in the children’s swimming and survival skills since the project began.

“Our school has benefited greatly from this programme and it has allowed us to further develop our swimming programme. Our students are making great use of our pool and it has also helped develop our teachers capacity. The data collected re ability of our children has proven the value of this programme. The provider has always performed their duties to a very high standard.” Owen Robyns – Peninsula Primary.

Children are measured at the commencement of the lessons and then again at the end of the lessons against a skill acquisition check list that is standard throughout the country.

Swim providers and schools are encouraged to utilise the Sea Lord Swim for Life Passports as a means of reporting student progress. The passports are a great way of engaging with the children but also provide vital safety messages that can be shared with parents and the wider family group.

Children with physical disabilities as their primary disability are encouraged to seek additional funding from the Halberg Disability Sport Foundation to allow an additional instructor to assist them in the water. To access this funding click here

If you require further information on the GAAAP initiative or the Swim For Life Passports please contact:

Pauline Butt