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In the 2006 census, 17.8% of the North Shore population were classified as Asian, and of those 44% were Chinese and 23.9% were Korean. Increasing sporting opportunities for all ethnic groups across the North Harbour Region is an important goal for Harbour Sport. To facilitate this goal Harbour Sport has began a project called “ActivAsian”. Since the start of the project in 2009, ActivAsian aims to increase sport participation in the Asian community, with a particular focus on the Chinese and Korean communities on the North Shore. Sport Waitakere have now joined with Habour Sport to grow the project here in West Auckland.

The ActivAsian initiative has three key objectives:

  • Improving sporting opportunities for Asian people, with a particular focus on school aged children.
  • Improving access to information about sport and recreational opportunities for the Asian community.
  • Encouraging more Asian people to participate in sport

There are three programs on offer including a West Coast Experinece, Water Safety Conservation Day and a 3 Day Leadership Programme. More detail is outlined below for each of the projects

West Coast Experience

This is a guided tour with Surf lifeguard around a NZ beach while learning about water safety. This trip, students will walk through native forest and up cliffs to look at the beach from up above. Students will also play games on the beach and learn to analysis the beach at a ground level

Aim and Objective

The aim of this programme is to teach the importance of water safety and a chance for international students and local students alike to see what Auckland has to offer


It is to show students the New Zealand environment and the how to keep themselves safe while being at the beach.


May 20th – 8.00am - 4.00pm

-          On bus (be put into 2 groups)

-          Morning tea (biscuits)

-          Morning Briefing/Learn about the beach

-          Group A Goes beach walking with surf lifeguard

-          Group B Have water safety beach games

-          Lunch

-          Group A Have water safety beach games

-          Group B Goes beach walking with surf lifeguard

-          Bus 

 Water Safety Conservation Day

This is a guided tour around the native NZ forest and NZ beaches while learning about water safety and how to keep safe while tramping. This trip participants will walk through native forest going passing rivers and streams with the local park ranger and learning about water safety on a local west coast beach with the lifeguards. Chinese Conservational Education trust will explain the importance of beach conservation and what we can do for the sea animals to remain healthy and the beach to remains clean. The groups will change over after lunch.

Aim and Objective

The aim of this programme is to teach the importance of water safety and the importance of beach conservation to the new settler community.


As new settler coming to a foreign country it is often hard to adapt and understand the rules and customs that is already set in place especially if they are from a place that is inland and a beach is nowhere to be seen.

I believe that it is important to teach water safety and beach conservation as a package as it does go hand in hand with one another.

In terms of our organisation, it is important to let people know what we care both for people’s water safety as well as the conservation of the surrounding. When participants join our programmes the aim is often to catch seafood. I want to show that we are more than that and let the community know that conservation of our beaches is important as well.  

What we will do


 13th May 2017 8.00am - 4.00pm

-          On bus

-          Morning Briefing/Learn about the beach (conservation and water safety)

-          Morning tea (biscuits)

-          Group A Tramp and looking at the surf

-          Group B Beach Conservation with Estella

-          Lunch (Sandwich, Fruit, Water)

-          Group A Beach Conservation with Estella

-          Group B Tramp and looking at the surf

-          Bus back

Leadership Programme

The youth leadership programme aims to teach young leaders and give them the tools they need to become not only water competent but be able to teach others about water safety and to develop water competence. This programme targets Chinese youth leaders educating to them about how to be safe in out and around water. There will be five components; Swimming skills, Water confidence, Water survival, Safe boating, and leadership. This programme not only is to bring awareness of water safety but for the community itself to take responsibility and be water safe in, out and around water.

The aim

To educate these young leaders so that they will become champions of water safety and is able to teach their peers and within other organisations in the Chinese community.

26/5 – Water Safety and Learn to Swim

27/5 – Day Skipper Experience and Paddleboarding

28/5 – Beach Education


To register for any of these courses please contact David Zhu