Now Open
Closing Date: Open until all funds exhausted
Total available funds for current round: $33,377.67 

This fund is for new, innovative, pilot projects that cost no more than $5,000. Sport Waitakere are open to FastFund applications all year round until the fund is exhausted. If you would like to apply to the Sport Waitakere KiwiSport FastFund, you are required to complete an online application form. You will be notified of the outcome of your application within 19 days of submitting the application. Please read the Quick Guide carefully before completing an application to ensure that your project is eligible for the fund.


Please note that KiwiSport funding is slowly shifting out of the PE/Curriculum time space and as such we are putting a priority on projects delivered out of school time (i.e. Before/After School, Lunchtimes and Weekends)

To download a KiwiSport Expression of Interest form, please click either of the below:

Click here to download the Expression of Interest form in English.

Click here to download the Expression of Interest form in Te Reo Maori.



• FastFund is open all year around from 1 July to 30 June until the fund is exhausted.

• Applications must be on the FastFund application form provided.
• SPORT WAITAKERE KiwiSport Team will make recommendations for distribution to the SPORT WAITAKERE Board.
• You will be notified of the outcome within 19 days of submitting the application.
• If your project is successful, baseline data will need to be supplied PRIOR to the project commencing.

• Maximum amount to be funded is $5000 (excl GST)
• All projects must show partnerships
• Cash and in-kind contribution is required from one or more partners
• Projects will not be 100% KiwiSport funded (i.e. there must be a financial contribution from another party - Yourself or another partner)
• Projects must be delivered within one year of application date
• Project must be endorsed from the relevant Regional Sport Organisation and/or National Sport Organisation (letter of support required)
• Must meet at least one or more of the KiwiSport Outcomes (outlined on Application form)
• Must address at least one or more of the West Auckland Community Priorities (outlined on Application form)
• Can only apply once per year

1. Run your idea through the PROJECT SELF CHECK 
2. Review the FastFund minimum coaching requirements on page 18 of the KIWISPORT OVERVIEW that each coach is required to complete
3. Review the FastFund PROCESS DIAGRAM 
4. Download and complete the FastFund Expresion of Interest Form (please see above)  
5. Submit your FastFund form to