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What is KiwiSport?

KiwiSport is a national initiative that aims to get more school aged children playing organised sport. It is a type of funding that Sport Waitakere manages on behalf of the community. The three main objectives of KiwiSport are:

• More Kids: increase the number of school aged children playing organised sport
• More opportunities: Increase the availability and accessibility of sport for school aged children
• Better Skills: Support children in developing skills that will allow them to participate effectively in sport throughout school and beyond.

KiwiSport is a “Regional Partnership Fund” (RPF) and is allocated to all regional sports trusts (RSTs) by Sport New Zealand and administered by RSTs for use in their communities.

The allocation to RSTs is calculated on a per-capita basis based on the number of students in each RST’s region. The allocation will be determined based on the latest available roll-return information from the Ministry of Education. The allocation will be consistent over a three-year period, unless a case is made to Sport New Zealand to recalculate the allocation on the basis that there has been a substantial change in roll-return.

The RPF recognises that sports clubs and community groups have an important role to play in delivering sport to school-aged children. RSTs will be expected to use the fund to encourage new partnerships involving schools, clubs, local and community groups that will get more young people involved in organised sport.

Prior to being allocated RPF funding, RSTs are required to develop plans for how the funding will be used that reflect the outcomes of consultation with their communities which require final approval by Sport NZ.

Consultation involves key stakeholders in local communities including schools, NSOs, RSOs, clubs, private providers, community groups, gaming organisations, and children themselves.

KiwiSport in the Sport Waitakere region:
As part of the KIWISPORT INVESTMENT PLAN FOR AUCKLAND, Sport Waitakere manages the KiwiSport fund on behalf of the West Auckland* community. We do this by breaking the funding into 5 categories, under ‘contestable’ and ‘non-contestable’ streams :

Contestable (funding which is allocated via an open application process)

- Local Community Fund (Projects over $5001, which can have up to a maximum of 3 year length)
- FastFund (Projects up to $5,000)

- Auckland Regional Fund (administered via Aktive)

Non- Contestable (funds which are allocated for a specific purpose, directly with eligible partners)

- Primary School Fund

- Secondary School Fund

*West Auckland is classified as those entities and individuals who operate out of the Whau, Waitakere Ranges and Henderson-Massey Local Board areas.

Is your organisation eligible to apply for KiwiSport funding?
If you are a school, sports club, RSO, NSO, community provider or other eligible organisation, you may be able to apply for either of these contestable funds to help make sport happen in your community. To check your eligibility for;

FastFund – CLICK HERE.

Local Community Fund – CLICK HERE